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About Craig


Having grown up in Montana, Craig loves the mountains. Skiing, hiking, and backpacking are among his favorite pastimes. His favorite sport is basketball, though he also is a soccer fan and pulls for the Boston Red Sox. He is a movie buff, and his favorite all-time film is It’s a Wonderful Life (Star Wars is a close 2nd). He loves photography and journaling (especially family vacations with his wife and 3 sons).



Craig earned his undergraduate degree from Brown University as a psychology major. There he became particularly fascinated by cognitive development and the work of people like Jean Piaget.  He then taught for 3 years at a K-8 independent school in New York City where he gained firsthand experience with education, including helping students with curriculum design, customizing lessons, and managing behavior.  He earned his master's and doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) in the school psychology program, which melded his dual interests in cognitive development and education. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Development and Learning (at UNC-CH), he joined the non-profit institute All Kinds of Minds where he developed tools and programs to support struggling learners. He joined Southeast Psych in 2009 and launched Mind Matters, a learning success program. Additionally, Craig has authored several books. Learn more about them here!

Ways Craig Can Help

The first step is to reveal a learner's strengths and weaknesses- the profile of important mental abilities like attention, memory, and language.  With that profile established, Craig has developed many ways of communicating findings, such as with metaphors and images, so that parents, educators, and learners themselves are equipped for enabling success.

Over the years Craig has given dozens of presentations to professionals, parents, and students on a range of topics related to learning.  His presentations have included keynote addresses and multi-day workshops.  He has presented both in-person and remotely.

Video has become an increasingly important medium for communicating and sharing content.  Craig has produced many short videos on learning topics, including study strategies and parenting tips.  He typically embeds links to videos in clinical assessment reports, making them multimedia presentations.

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